Not for 100% perfect, but for the 1% progress each day.
Everything is changing, the same day that the new eternal commitment.
RIXIN people encourage each other: industry, diligence, into Si.
RIXIN people know: For a grander sight, a higher level.
RIXIN people to join hands with the king: the cause is the day of the big day.
RIXIN person to declare: cherish every friend, did not miss any chance.
RIXIN people keep in mind: science and technology are primary productive forces, the development is the last word.
RIXIN pursued: higher, faster, stronger.
Thank you sincerely because your suggestion that our products will be icing on the cake.
Manufactured products, sales have only just begun, and improve after-sales service so you really appreciate
Nisshin right to choose!
RIXIN people firmly believe that: The great ambition there, sail sea.

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