Recruitment process

  • 1A resume
  • 2CV     screening
  • 3At the beginning of try
  • 4Second interview
  • 5The final interview
  • 6signing

A resume

You can send your resume to us in the following two forms:

1. Put your resume on the recruitment websites sent by major companies.

2. Online delivery. Get to know our position through the official website of rixin electromechanical co., LTD. And send your resume online. Or send your resume to webmaster@. You can call +86-0512-58660091

CV screening

After your resume is successfully submitted, it will be screened by professionals. If you pass the resume screening process, you will receive a call from us informing you to come for an interview. Please make sure your effective contact information on your resume is unblocked.

First try

We will interview you for different positions you are applying for. According to the requirements of the position, some positions require you to take a written test.

Second interview

After passing the preliminary examination, you will be invited for a second interview in time. Please prepare in advance.

The final interview

After you pass the second interview, we will inform you to come to the final interview in the shortest time. Please come on time.

Salary negotiation and contract signing

After you pass the final interview, you will be invited by us by email, phone, etc., please come to negotiate the salary and sign the contract.

When you passed the above screening and signed the contract, you became a new member of rixin electromechanical co., LTD.

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