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First, when selecting a hybrid, attention should be paid to the selection of the model. The efficiency of the mixer is largely determined by the manufacturing precision of the equipment and the operating efficiency of the fuselage. Users in the mixer machine when the choice, should first features of their products and special requirements, what do you want to be mixed effect have a certain understanding, the blade of mixer structure, the equipment features and functions for matching, accords with a requirement to find perfect models.

In response, industry insiders say the mix quality largely depends on the mix's structure and manufacturing quality. If the width of inner and outer ring belts of horizontal mixer is not reasonable, the material will accumulate towards one end, which will affect mixing time and mixing uniformity. Unreasonable structure may cause material dead Angle. Support rod, ring belt, shaft and other poor welding quality, appear uneven, easy to hang materials.

Second, understand the characteristics of material mix composition. Different mixtures are made according to the characteristics of different mixtures. It mainly refers to the specific gravity, particle size, roughness of particle surface, moisture, dispersibility, agglomeration and composition of pellet. These physical properties difference is smaller, the better the mixing, mixing the more difficult to separate again, after some component in mixture, the smaller the proportion of the proportion of the dilution is larger, the more it is not easy to mix. In order to reduce the reseparation after mixing, viscous liquid components, such as molasses, can be added near completion to reduce the dispersion and thus reduce the separation.

In addition, for fine-grained materials, special attention should be paid to the sealing of the mixing equipment and the residual amount. For example, using biaxial blade without gravity mixing machine mixing powder material, best to choose over 90 ° at the same time to open the door, blowing self-cleaning system, oblique woven type gas discharge gate and shaft end seal, in order to better ensure sealing and to reduce the residual, and recommended top bag exhaust instead of return air duct, in order to avoid too much mixed fine flour from duct mouth out back.

Third, conduct standard equipment operation. Operation when running a mixing equipment, it is necessary for the product market situation, production technology, equipment operation and attention matters and emergency treatment, if special and emergency measures to the operation of the equipment for training and practice. Only with good operation standard can the mixing efficiency be improved and the product quality be improved without any mistakes. For example, the order of the employees in the feeding process, should match than quantity big components into the machine first, or most after entering inside the machine, and then put a small amount and trace components in the above, namely in easy dispersion, otherwise the trace components together in one place is not easy to spread rapidly, mix influence further.

In addition to the above three points, the author thinks that, mixer equipment at the end of the run, the related repair and maintenance work, to improve the service life of the mixer, and the mixing efficiency of the next material mixed all have certain effect. To sum up, the improvement of hybrid efficiency needs to be made from the aspects of machine quality, material characteristics, operation specifications, necessary maintenance and maintenance. Only by making every pass well can we ensure the high quality and high efficiency of production.

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