Performance and characteristics of rixin high speed mixer

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1. Flexible selection scheme mixer can be adopted 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, 316 l stainless steel, 321 stainless steel and other steel material, combination and different material also can be used; When selecting materials for equipment, distinguish between the parts that are in contact with materials and those that are not in contact with materials; The inner part of the mixer can also add functional coating or protective layer such as anti-corrosion, anti-bonding, isolation and wear-resisting. The surface treatment of stainless steel is divided into sand blasting, wire drawing, polishing and mirror treatment, and can be applied to different parts of use.

2. High efficiency mixer can be equipped with different agitators according to different material properties; Conventional material mixing points: different powder mixed each other, the same material batch mixing, powder add a small amount of liquid mixing, add powder to stir paste, slurry thickening or dilution, particle materials mixed with powder, granule materials mixed with granular material, mass material crushing, cooling or heating mix, etc. Horizontal mixer can be modified into two types of agitator: internal and external double helix type, blade screw belt type, internal and external broken screw belt type, razor type, etc.

3. The reliable drive configuration mixer is equipped with driving devices with different capabilities, different power and output speed according to the material nature, start-up mode and agitation mode. The driving motor choices include: ordinary motor, riot motor, frequency conversion motor, high efficiency and energy saving motor, high protection grade motor, and motor under different voltage. Commonly used reducer: R, K, F series gear reducer, cycloidal pin wheel reducer, universal gear reducer, planetary gear reducer; Common connection methods: direct connection, belt wheel connection, hydraulic coupler connection.

4. Powerful auxiliary component mixing machine can be mounted using a variety of components, the commonly used coil steam jacket, cellular clamp pressure, circulating medium jacket, on-line sampling valve, high-speed knife-throwing, magnetic separator, temperature detection, weighing system, dust purification and other components. The jacket of the mixer adopts different types of jacket according to different heat source media, which can be heated up and cooled, and the maximum temperature is within 250 degrees centigrade. When a small amount of liquid is added, a spray spray device is required, which is more conducive to the uniform dispersal and mixing of liquid in the main material. The injection system consists of three basic modules: pressure source, storage tank and nozzle.

5. Excellent feeding device of the horizontal ribbon mixer general configuration of pneumatic surface flap valve, when the valve is closed, the surface of the valve flap, properly filled cylinder surface in the process of mixing, no redundant stir dead Angle, make mixing material more evenly. Valve drive can be distinguished from manual, pneumatic and electric. For reference, there are powder ball valve, drum valve, plum blossom dislocation valve, powder butterfly valve, rotary feed valve and so on.

6. Various openings can be arranged on the cover of the cylinder of the mixer, which can be used in different working conditions. According to the opening action, manhole, cleaning door, feeding port, exhaust port, dust removal port and so on can be set up. The mixer can be set as full open cover for cleaning equipment.

7. Three types of sealing modes are commonly used in strict spindle seal mixer: packing seal, combined gas seal and mechanical seal; The spindle seal is used to solve the state of granule, powder, micron powder, liquid and paste.

The above is the new high - speed mixer standard and the specification of lithium - electric mixer

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