SGK-400 Series of plastic pipe reaming machines

SGK-400 Series of plastic pipe reaming machines

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The 400 automatic pipe expanding machine is equipped with the feeding traction device and the corresponding program interface matching with the main machine, which can not only be used in line with the main machine, but also can be used as a single machine. During pipe expanding, the movement of the pipe material adopts translation mode. The movement is stable and accurate, and it is not easy to damage the pipe material. This type of machine adopts infrared heating method and is double type of heating furnace. Each heating furnace is equipped with a central heating furnace core. The forming methods all adopt the type of tube expanding head, and the size of tube opening is accurate. The control panel of this machine is equipped with a transfer switch of diffusion-type socket socket (straight port) and a diffusion-type sealing ring socket (R port). The main electrical control components are imported components, the system performance is stable and reliable.


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