SRL-Z Series mixer unit

SRL-Z Series mixer unit

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SRL - Z series mixing unit, is mainly suitable for all kinds of resin such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other ingredients, mixing, colouring, drying, and ABS, polycarbonate engineering plastics forming process of drying, waved off before, can also be used for the mixture of phenolic resin.

The unit combines the hot mix with the cold mix process to make the hot mix materials enter the cold mix automatically to cool down, eliminate the residual gas and prevent agglomeration.

The unit is introduced for digestion. Absorbing foreign advanced technology, electrical control USES the import original and configuration of the PLC and the latest computer control, with a high degree of automation, mixing effect is good, hot mix with self friction and electrical heating and steam heating function. The blades are through dynamic and static balance testing, pot adopts double concave and convex seal, shaft seal by our unique technology, and equipped with pulse dust removal device cold machine imported deceleration technology using direct reduction gear, overcome all the fatal weakness of the use of reducer, make its operation more stable. This machine has reached the international level of similar products, and is the best ideal equipment for the production of UPVC products such as plate, pipe and profile.

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