Vacuum powder feeder

Vacuum powder feeder

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This series of powder feeder adopts the principle of vacuum suction, which can deliver various powder and particle materials with the average particle diameter greater than one micron from various storage containers to the specified equipment. It can be used with profile unit, blending system and chemical processing equipment. It is an ideal environmental protection equipment for powder transportation.


This series is designed and manufactured on the basis of absorbing the advantages of imported prototype.

The imported dust filtration device is used, which has high strength, good dust removal effect and no pollution.

The vibration discharge system prevents the powder from bridging and allows the discharge to flow more smoothly.

The cleaning effect is improved by using pulse compressed air blowback cleaning device to blast the nozzle filter surface.

The suction nozzle and the suction nozzle are closed automatically during backblow without contaminating the environment.

The series USES a one-time charge suction and a back blow cleaning to improve the efficiency of the feed and prolong the service life of the filter device.

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