500 Model plastic grinding machine

500 Model plastic grinding machine

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Overview of 500 type plastic grinding machines:

This machine is the newest grinding machine developed by our factory. Its features are as follows:

1. Compared with the same type of grinding machine, the output is greatly increased with the same power consumption (20% to 50% increase), saving energy.

2. The dust collecting device is added. Effectively reduce dust pollution.

3. Turning off the fan and discharging reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

4. The cover of the host door can be opened to facilitate maintenance and tool replacement.

5. The use of feng shui dual cooling, better reduce the working temperature in the body, the abrasive materials are not easy to degenerate, but also conducive to heat sensitive plastics

Grinding, part of PE, ABS can be grinding.


Our factory absorbs foreign advanced technology to develop a series of grinding machines for low to medium hardness of PVc plastic, high density PE, or other plastics

After trial and error. It has been proved by practice and operation of professional plastic products factory. The grinding powders add 20~ / o 1:30% calcium carbonate in the processing return visit. its

The chemical and physical properties of the product remain unchanged

And the yield can reach 150-220kg (40 to 80 mesh). So. This equipment is the best equipment for plastic products factory to reduce cost and reduce expenditure and solve the accumulation of waste and defective products.

Main technical parameters:
1. Number of cutter plates: 1, outside diameter: 473mm + / - 1mm

2. Tooth wrench: 1 for 1 pair.

3. Tablet: 24

4. Main motor speed: 2950r/min

5. Main motor power: 30kw

6. Fan: model 9 -- 1, 9, 4, with motor 3Kw

7. Fan off: model ZGF, motor 0.75kw

8. Output: pvc40-80 mesh 150-220kg/h

9. Shape size: the whole machine is 5900 * 1450 * long * wide * high

2900 ~ 1 m

10. Total weight: 1200kg

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